Fleurette – Discover the camper made for you

Exclusive to Webbs Motor Caravans, the stunning Fleurette range of motorhomes. Each Fleurette motorhome is individually hand-crafted, elegantly made and built to stand the test of time. Now, Fleurette is exclusively available at Webbs Motor Caravans, returning to the UK after a 6-year absence.

Fleurette and their sister brand Florium produce between 400 and 500 motorcaravans a year.Fleurette Motorhomes For Sale The Fleurette line-up comprises of low-profile coachbuilt and A-class models, all based on the Fiat Ducato. The low-profiles fall into two discrete categories: compact (Migrateur) and spacious (Magister).

All Migrateur ’vans are narrow-bodied (2.23m wide) with Al-Ko chassis. Their floorplans all feature French beds: they are the 5.99m-long 60 LG, the 6.37m-long 63 LG, the 6.77m-long 67 LG and the 6.97m-long 70 LDS. Exteriors are finished in white to match the cabs, which get a smart silver effect around the radiator grille. The interiors sport mid-tone pear-lacquered woodwork contrasting with cream-coloured locker and cupboard doors, and work surfaces, and feature LED lighting throughout.

Magister is the ‘spacious’ range of low-profiles (2.34m wide). It comprises eight layouts, with a range of different beds: the French bed 65 LD (6.5m), the island bed 65 LMX (6.5m), the island bed 68 LM (6.83m), the transverse bed 70 LBM (6.97m), the French bed 70 LD (6.97m), the island bed 70 LMX (6.97m), the island bed 73 LMS (7.37m) and the island bed 73 CTC (7.37m). For the first time, drop-down beds will be available in Magister, excepting the 65 LMX and 70 LMX. As with Migrateur, the exteriors have white bodyshells and cabs, and the radiator grilles are treated to a silver-effect surround. Meanwhile, the interiors are finished in mid-toned wood, with cream work surfaces and locker facings.

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