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Webbs Winter Sale is Here

Get ready for big savings on your 2024 adventures with Webbs’ huge Winter Sale! Whether you’re new to adventures on the road or an experienced tourer looking to upgrade your current vehicle, we offer a diverse selection of both motorhomes and caravans to cater to every traveller’s unique preference and budget.

We’ve selected our top picks from the Winter Sale, read on to see why we love them! The sale ends on 16th December, so don’t miss out on these fantastic savings for your trips next year and beyond.

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Bailey Adamo 75-4DL

If you’re travelling with family or a larger group, the Bailey Adamo 75-4DL is a motorhome that seamlessly combines spacious accommodation with modern convenience. With an 8-berth capacity, this 2021 model ensures ample space for a comfortable and memorable travel experience. The automatic transmission adds a touch of ease to your journey, while the innovative layout – with two drop-down beds and two dinette conversions – sets this motorhome apart. An additional two foldable, forward-facing belted seats allow extra passengers to travel safely in comfort.

SAVE £1000: was £69,995, now £68,995 

Explore the Bailey Adamo 75-4DL here.



Elddis Supreme 185

Perfect for a cosy couple’s retreat, the Elddis Supreme 185 effortlessly combines comfort and innovation. This 2018 model, with a 4-berth capacity, promises a spacious interior that redefines on-the-road living. The clever design, featuring twin singles and twin pop-up benches, maximises space and ensures a versatile layout while you’re set up at camp. Adding a washroom at the rear allows for a separate toilet and shower, whilst still having an open-plan feel to the front of the motorhome.

SAVE £2000: was £51,995, now £49,995

Explore the Elddis Supreme 185 here.


Autotrail Tribute T-726

With a generous 6-berth capacity, this 2018 Autotrail Tribute T-726 is a motorhome that redefines comfort and versatility for your travel adventures. The over-cab large double bed, coupled with a skylight, creates an open and airy atmosphere upfront and a spacious and welcoming environment for larger groups or families. Equipped with swivel seats, air conditioning, and cruise control, the journey becomes a seamless and enjoyable experience. The double dinette area, convertible table, well-equipped kitchen, and separate toilet and shower ensure a clutter-free and practical living space.

SAVE £1000: was £51,995, now £50,995

Explore the Autotrail Tribute T-726 here.


Bailey Unicorn S5 Seville

Introducing the Bailey Unicorn S5 Seville, a caravan that will provide you with functionality and cutting-edge features in a 2-berth luxury experience. This 2022 model has a spacious end washroom which adds convenience and privacy. Alu-tech construction technology ensures durability and insulation for year-round adventures, while the Alde Wet central heating and solar panel further enhances the warmth and energy efficiency while you’re on site.

SAVE £1000: was £25,995, now £24,995

Explore the Bailey Unicorn S5 Seville here.



Swift Elegance 580

Step into luxury with the Swift Elegance 580, boasting a 4-berth capacity and featuring a thoughtfully crafted island bed layout. This 2018 model offers both style and comfort for your adventures. Constructed with SMART HT technology, this caravan ensures durability, reliability, and strong insulation. Paired with the Alde wet central heating system and a solar panel for sustainable travel, this caravan is a comfortable home from home no matter the weather.

SAVE £1000: was £23,495, now £22,495 

Explore the Swift Elegance 580 here.


Coachman Pastiche 520/4

Discover a world of comfort with the Coachman Pastiche 520/4, a caravan that promises a luxurious travel experience, with a panoramic window to maximise natural light. The 2015 model has a spacious 4-berth capacity, featuring a side dinette layout that maximises space and functionality. The large end washroom and a central dinette offer both privacy and a fantastic communal space for gatherings. Stay cosy with Trauma combi heating and be more sustainable with a built-in solar panel.

SAVE £1000: was £15,995, now £14,995

Explore the Coachman Pastiche 520/4 here.


Whether you already have a model in mind, or you’re exploring your options for your future road trips, the Webbs Winter Sale offers you incredible savings. Discover the vehicles we love and find your dream motorhome or caravan today.

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