Parents Give Touring the Thumbs Up! 👍

Easter on TourWith the Easter holidays looming, many families will be starting to think about how to keep the kids entertained and out of mischief! As you might expect, a touring holiday gets the Webbs vote, and research shows that it could be the perfect antidote to the pressures of modern life.

A survey undertaken by The Camping and Caravanning Club, the world’s oldest and largest club for all forms of camping, asked 2,000 UK parents and grandparents about their attitudes towards camping and the outdoors. The findings are incredibly insightful, and highlight the powerful, positive impact that a camping holiday can have on the mental health, fitness and well-being of children.

Camping holidays are ideal for encouraging children to look up from screens and connect with their surroundings – a definite plus point for the 72% who felt that social media makes children less able to engage with others. Many families implement a ‘gadgets ban’ during their getaway, opting instead to spend the time they’re indoors playing board games or reading together. What’s more, staying on a campsite is a great opportunity for children to meet new people, helping to boost their confidence and ability to interact.

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A staggering 96% of the parents and grandparents who took part in the survey felt that children who play outdoors are generally happier. A touring trip puts a great big tick in this box, as it naturally encourages holidaymakers to spend the majority of their time outside, exploring the campsite and its surroundings. Nature trails, seaside and woodland visits and bike rides are just some of the adventures typically enjoyed by families who tour, all of which involve being active in the great outdoors and undoubtedly have a beneficial effect on both health and happiness.

Touring also provides countless opportunities for children to learn and acquire new skills. Visits to educational and historical sites, exploring natural environments, and practical activities like cooking are all brilliant for expanding young minds – and because they take place outside of a classroom children are often learning without realising it! In fact, The Camping and Caravanning Club’s 2015 research revealed that 4 out of 5 parents believe camping has a positive impact on their child’s performance at school, particularly in the key curriculum subjects of geography, history and science.

The Webbs team has always been passionate about getting children and families outdoors enjoying everything a touring holiday has to offer, which is one of the reasons we are a Camping and Caravanning Club Preferred Dealer. So, if you’re thinking of investing in a new or used caravan or motorhome to start creating unforgettable memories with your family, pop along and see us in Warminster, Salisbury or Reading.


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