Budget-Friendly Travel With Your Caravan


Fewer people are opting to spend their holidays abroad these days. Instead, many are choosing to explore the UK with their caravans, discovering all that the country has to offer. However, even a trip within the UK can be expensive, so saving money where possible is a good idea. Keep reading to learn our tips and advice for affordable travel, ensuring you can enjoy your trip without the burden of any looming debt!

Budget-friendly destinations

A straightforward way to lower your travel costs is by choosing a budget-friendly location. While the UK might not immediately come to mind as a cheap destination, there are many places that are perfect for travelling on a budget. Cities might not be the first destination that come to mind when thinking about taking your caravan somewhere, but many offer campsites on the outskirts. This allows you to venture into the city via car or public transport and explore the many attractions cities have to offer. Here are some great locations that won’t break the bank:


Dorset is not only more accessible for much of the UK compared to Devon and Cornwall, but it is also a stunning destination.

The area boasts a variety of beautiful scenery, from the iconic Durdle Door beach to picturesque walks through the New Forest and historic villages like Corfe Castle.

Best of all, these attractions are free to enjoy!


Liverpool is not only an incredible city but also an affordable one (just avoid match days!).

There are numerous attractions to explore in Liverpool, such as Albert Dock, where historic brick warehouses now house bars, shops, and restaurants. It’s a delightful place to wander, and it’s home to Tate Liverpool, offering free access to four floors of modern art!

Of course, no visit to Liverpool is complete without exploring its Beatles legacy. You can take a self-guided tour to iconic spots like the Beatles Statue and the legendary Cavern Club on Mathew Street.


Bristol City stands as the cultural hub of the South West, offering numerous free activities to enjoy.

For the ultimate 360-degree panoramic view of Bristol, visit Brandon Hill and ascend Cabot Tower. Alternatively, enjoy another stunning vista from Clifton Suspension Bridge.

If heights aren’t your preference, fret not—there’s plenty to explore at ground level! Bristol Museum and Art Gallery offers free admission and houses a diverse collection of artwork, including pieces by Banksy. Bring a packed lunch and relax with a picnic on the Downs to make the most of your day.

Planning ahead

While it’s tempting to just get up and go on your next adventure, taking a bit of time to plan beforehand can really help stretch your budget. Here are some easy ways to get organised and save money!

Campsite destination

Instead of choosing the first campsite you find, look around and compare prices.

Websites like Pitch Up allow you to tailor your search to the exact type of campsite you want, whether it’s charging facilities or fishing nearby.

You can then filter the results to show the lowest prices first!

Toll roads

One thing many people overlook is toll roads. While they are usually the quickest option, they come with an extra fee that could be better spent on a nice drink on the beach!

Consider taking the extra time to avoid them. Google Maps and most Sat-Navs offer an ‘avoid tolls’ option to help you find a toll-free route.

Cost-saving tips

There are many smaller ways to save money on your next adventure and while they may seem minor, it’s true that if you look after the pennies, the pounds will look after themselves!


Fuel is one of the biggest expenses when travelling by vehicle, especially with the current high cost of fuel.

Reducing your fuel consumption can greatly help your budget. The AA suggests cruising at a lower speed on the motorway; reducing your speed can save fuel.

Additionally, packing light can make a difference. Only bring essential items, as a lighter load can reduce your fuel costs by up to 15%.


Food costs can add up quickly while travelling. To save money, consider bringing sandwiches with you when exploring cities or the countryside, and cooking hot meals in the evenings.

The UK has many affordable supermarkets like Aldi or Lidl where you can buy ingredients for much less than eating out at restaurants.

Make sure you do treat yourself to a snack if you’d like, but also consider shopping around for the best prices. For instance, if you’re at the beach and craving ice cream, take a few extra minutes to compare prices from different vendors. The added bonus is the appetite you’ll build from all the walking!


An important thing to remember when trying to be budget-friendly, is servicing and maintaining your caravan.

If you’re on top of this, it can prevent any unwanted costs from occurring.


When it comes to activities while travelling, there are plenty of free options available.

In the countryside, you can immerse yourself in nature by hiking, swimming in lakes or at beaches, and exploring quaint English villages.

In the city, there are numerous options as well. Facebook Events is a good way to discover what’s going on locally, such as art shows and concerts, and it offers a great way to connect with the community you’re visiting and learn more about the area.

With these tips, we hope you can enjoy your next holiday in a stress-free, budget-friendly way, whilst still making all the best memories for you and your crew! 


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