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One of the best things about taking a trip in your own holiday home is you can prepare and cook your favourite meals right next to some fantastic scenery. Whether you are into gourmet meals or baked beans on toast (which we all love), as long as you have the right ingredients and cooking equipment, you’re all set!

We have listed a few of our cooking equipment essentials for your next trip. With your best dishes, you will enjoy an even better holiday.

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2 Cook Pro Deluxe - Cadac

This 2-cook pro deluxe is a versatile Gas Barbeque that caters for 2-4 people, with two independent burners that use piezo ignition and GreenGrill ceramic coating. This is the perfect cooking equipment for couples or families to enjoy quiet moments together in nature. For increased efficiency, the non-stick reversible ribbed/flat grill plate and two pot stands reduce the heat-up time and it even has the option to grill or fry. Normally, the flat plate is used for cooking pancakes, fish or your breakfast favourites, whereas, the ribbed plate is for grilling meat, fish, chicken and vegetables.

Cadac was developed in Johannesburg, South Africa, in 1948. Offering a wide range of outdoor cooking products, it is a leading brand that truly pushes the boundaries of innovation and is trusted by many campers.

Our suggestion: Rustle up a quick cosy feast for two by warming up pittas on the flat plate and serving filled with your choice of meats and vegetables fresh from the grill!

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Cadac BBQ being used in an outdoor setting. Available to buy at Webbs Outdoors.

Carri Chef 50 BBQ / Plancha - Cadac

This all-in-one outdoor BBQ is easy to assemble, clean and store, making it the ideal cooking companion for your next holiday. It boasts a large cooking surface and a powerful stainless-steel burner with a piezo ignition which ensures that desired temperatures are met. The lid/dome application contains an oven that can be utilised for baking and stewing.

For total cooking convenience, this Cadac BBQ includes an integrated heat spreader to ensure that heat is well distributed over the cooking surfaces. To clean the BBQ, all you need is soapy water and a cloth. The CADAC GreenGrill coating and ceramic coating also means healthier and cleaner cooking.

Our suggestion: Whip up a roast dinner, baking the potatoes and vegetables next to your meat of choice. Not only will your Sunday roast taste even better on the road, you’ll be full for hours after this meal.

Discover the Cadac Carri Chef 50 Plancha/ Chef Pan Combo.

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Large Teppanyaki Grill 1800w - Milenco

Milenco’s Swiss Luxx range consists of low wattage electrical accessories, specifically designed for energy-efficient and versatile camping equipment. This particular product has a non-stick coating, amazing heat distribution, and adjustable temperature control.

As a caravan or motorhome enthusiast, we’re sure you would have heard of Milenco, an award-winning brand that provides top-quality accessories for camping trips. Milenco has won caravan and security product awards and their products are particularly robust due to their impeccable design and quality engineering.

Our suggestion: After a long day of exploring, pop some hot dogs on the grill and fry some onions in a pan for a super easy family meal.

Kettle pouring hot water into a mug. Discover caravan accessories for sale at Webbs.

Kampa Fornello

This stunning double burner and grill gas cooker are definitely one for your shopping cart. It has a large cooking area, with an integrated case and handle and matchless ignition, its compact shape also allows for even more space for packing. Find this at our Webbs Caravans Accessories Shop or online at Webbs Outdoors.

Kampa is a huge supplier of camping tents, furniture, outdoor accessories, awnings and more. Their mission is to make your outdoor experience as happy as possible. This renowned outdoor leisure brand is definitely up there for quality and innovation.

Our suggestion: For a hearty dinner, throw some burgers and buns on the grill for the perfect burgers. Serve with a fresh salad, cheese and sauce of your choice.

Discover the Kampa Fornello Double Hob & Grill. 

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Party Grill 200 Stove - Campingaz

This Campingaz Party Grill is an essential cooking item for caravan and motorhome trips. It presents a compact and portable design that is easy to travel with and a grilling grid or stovetop for cooking. For added efficiency, all its parts such as the grid, lid and legs can all fit inside, ensuring that it is easy to transport and store. The piezo ignition ensures easy lighting anywhere, whether you’re on the beach or in the mountains.

The built-in water compartment catches any grease to prevent it from sticking to the stove, the water can then be emptied to guarantee clean cooking. Campingaz was founded in post-war Europe, in 1949,  by three engineers in France. They realised that on their camping trip, there was not enough efficient equipment. They started with a blue cylinder for gas and later expanded into stoves.

Our suggestion: Finish off your delicious dinner with s’mores for dessert. Use strawberry, chocolate, peanut butter and marshmallows for the ultimate gooey goodness.

Roasting marshmallows on a camping trip. Used caravans for sale at Webbs. Caravan and motorhome accessories at Webbs Outdoors.

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