Five Famous Faces Who Love Caravanning

Five Famous Faces Who Love Caravanning Blog by Webbs.

It may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of celebrity holidays, but here we have some A-listers who appreciate the appeal of a caravan or motorhome break. Which of these celebs would you want to bring with you on your next trip on the road?


Chris Martin

Of Coldplay international fame, Chris Martin has a family history of caravan and motorhomes. His grandfather started a highly successful motorhome and caravan business in 1929, which was continued by Chris’ father. He’s continued his fondness for caravanning over the years, although likely spends more than enough time on the road while touring with his band.


Matthew McConaughey

Parked up overlooking the water in Malibu, this Oscar-winning actor owns a custom 2004 Airstream International CCD 28 which he uses for taking time off from his A-list lifestyle. Designed around a relaxed surfer style, McConaughey uses his trailer as a home away from home for making music and working on personal projects.


Lorraine Kelly

Household name Lorraine is a well-known caravan enthusiast. An active member of the Caravan Club, she is said to enjoy the freedom of travelling with a caravan and the opportunities for exploration that it opens up. The daytime TV host is also very popular in the caravanning and motorhome community, attending caravan shows when she has the time.


Dame Helen Mirren

Another famous face on the Caravan Club members list, Dame Helen Mirren reportedly loves getting away from busy city life and focusing on her family in her own motorhome. She apparently takes her motorhome on the road quite frequently as a way to unwind between busy periods.


Jamie Oliver

This celebrity chef is the owner of a ‘suped-up’ 1959 VW Splitscreen Camper which has featured in a number of his TV shows. He is said to use it as a way to travel in comfort while filming in various locations. Maybe not the kitchen atmosphere he’s used to, but we’re sure he could cook up something tasty while on the road!


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