Selling Your Caravan: Which Is The Best Option For You?

Selling your caravan with Webbs Caravans

What is the best way to sell my caravan?


If you are considering selling your caravan, there are many different options available to you each with their own pros and cons. A key decision you may have to make is to either sell to a dealership directly or use a third-party to sell your caravan to a private individual on your behalf.


Sell to a Dealership

Many used caravan dealerships will offer to purchase good quality caravans to add to their stock and sell on to other enthusiasts.

This is an incredibly easy process that can often be sorted in a short space of time. By selling to a dealership, you remove any risk of dealing with unknown private individuals who may be wasting your time. You can be confident you are working with expert staff who know what they are talking about. Subject to a caravan health check, by selling to a dealership you can get a guaranteed sale quickly and easily.

You should first get an official valuation from the dealership to let you know how much they will pay you for your caravan. An appointment would then be arranged at a time that is convenient to you to come and view your caravan and, as long as everything is in good condition, the payment will be transferred to you via bank transfer and they will drive away with the caravan.


Sell on Your Behalf

Dealerships and third-party companies are also able to advertise and sell your caravan on a ‘Sale or Return’ basis. This means that a third party, such as Webbs, will professionally market your caravan at their premises and advertise it on all their platforms on your behalf at a pre-agreed price.

If a sale is made, your caravan will be sold to the buyer. Otherwise your caravan will be returned to you.

A key benefit of a ‘Sale or Return’ arrangement is that you may be offered a higher return price for your caravan as there is no initial outlay. Some dealerships may also provide their own warranty and cover any caravan preparation fees, on top of dealing with the financial side of the transaction so you do not have to worry about any part of the process.


Whichever way you decide to sell your caravan, with Webbs we promise to make the process as hassle-free as possible.

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