Top tips for taking your dog on your camping trip

A man walking his dog through a woodland area. Top Tips For Taking Your Dog On Your Camping Trip by Webbs.


Is it a good idea to take a dog camping?


Nothing beats a staycation in your motorhome, caravan or campervan. The fresh air in your hair, gorgeous beaches, lovely coastal towns and National Parks for days; these are just some of the reasons we love holidays in Britain.

What makes our holidays even better is when we can take our four-legged friend with us and create happy memories. After all, your dog is also a part of the family and would love to spend time outdoors with you. So, if you’re hoping to spend some quality time outdoors with your doggo, we’ve listed our top tips for a smooth sailing trip!

1. Knowing your dog

Every dog has their own unique personality with different likes and dislikes. It’s important to consider what activities your dog would like to do and to know whether your four-legged friend would enjoy staying at a public camping site with lots of people or prefer a private area to run around in off-lead.

Consider whether your dog has the recall skills needed to stay in a busy campsite with other families and pets. If you’re worried about them intruding on other holidaymakers then smaller and more remote options might be the best choice for you. Not everyone wants a dog running over to them while they’re trying to enjoy their evening barbeque, especially travellers with younger children.

A dog sleeping on a bed in a vehicle. Top Tips For Taking Your Dog On Your Camping Trip by Webbs.

2. Planning ahead

For a trip away from home, you’ll need to plan ahead and do some extra prep for supplies such as food, medicine, dishes, and anything else your dog might need for a stress-free trip.

To ensure a smooth-sailing getaway, you can start small by setting up camp at a campsite near your home. That way you can see how your dog reacts to a new environment and if any problems arise, your house isn’t far. Dogs may struggle to fall asleep in a new location or get nervous, so by practicing, you can make sure your dog can enjoy being away from home. By setting up a back garden sleepover, your dog can get used to the idea and with some treat-led behaviour training, he or she will love it even more.

Two dogs led next to each other on a camping chair. Top Tips For Taking Your Dog On Your Camping Trip by Webbs.

3. Choosing a destination

There are lots of stunning UK camping locations to choose from, from dog-friendly beaches and National Parks to green mountainous areas. With some research online, you can find the ideal dog-friendly campsite for your family.

It’s best to do your homework and look for an area that is close to some lovely areas for dog walks. When choosing activities, consider whether your dog likes to be adventurous or prefers lounging around in the sun – your day’s fun will depend on this! More energetic dogs would enjoy a long, peaceful hike; some breeds are water-lovers and would enjoy a safe dip in the sea whereas dogs that prefer to relax may just want to soak up some sunshine surrounded by new smells.

A dog stood outside the front of a tent with a lake and hills in the background. Top Tips For Taking Your Dog On Your Camping Trip by Webbs.

4. What to take with you

There are many items you may need to take with you to ensure your dog is comfortable. Taking a few home favourite toys would help to settle in a new environment and will provide some familiarity. Here is a list of items that we suggest looking into bringing along with you:

  • Pet bed or sleeping bag
  • Travel bowls
  • Tracking device if they’re prone to exploring
  • Reflective illuminated collar
  • Pet first aid kit
  • Enough food for the trip, plus a few extra days in case of emergencies
  • Plenty of treats,
  • Leash,
  • Toys,
  • Water
  • Lots of dog waste bags!
A dog sat beside a pot of beans cooking on a portable gas stove. Top Tips For Taking Your Dog On Your Camping Trip by Webbs.

5. Be prepared

Once you’ve planned where to go and what you need to take with you, make sure to get to know the chosen campsite’s rules – they may suggest that dogs need to be on a leash 24/7, and any rules about noise and supervision. Remember that there are other families there too so your doggo needs to be on “pawfect” behaviour when sleeping and respect fellow campers. And of course, it goes without saying that you should be cleaning up after your dog at all times.

Check the forecast for your travel days to ensure they won’t be uncomfortable, and if very hot or very cold weather is due then it may be best to reschedule.

If there are any bodies of water nearby, check local information to ensure they aren’t dangerous for dogs to swim in, and always try to avoid letting your dog drink from rivers or lakes as they may contain harmful bacteria.

A dog asleep in its bed beside a tent. Top Tips For Taking Your Dog On Your Camping Trip by Webbs.

Camping with your dog is a great way to bond and explore new places together so we hope you have a great adventure with your four-legged friend!


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