Why a Touring Holiday is a Great Value for Money Option in 2023

Why a Touring Holiday is a Great Value for Money Option in 2023 by Webbs.

If you love nothing more than to head out in your motorhome, camper or caravan for some well-deserved downtime, or it’s a new avenue you’re exploring, it’s likely you’re already thinking about where you can take your home away for home for this year’s adventures. With costs in all areas of life going up, read on to see why we think a touring holiday is a fantastic way to get away and have fun, with less of the financial worry of some other holiday options.

Explore your local area

A change is as good as a rest, and if you fancy a break from Winter evenings in front of the telly then a short trip could be just what you need. If you’re lucky enough to have a home on wheels or are looking to buy soon, the chances are there are some fabulous campsites to enjoy your motorhome or caravan without planning a huge road trip. Not only does this take away the need to plan a longer journey to an unfamiliar area, it will also save you money on fuel and wear and tear on your vehicle. Supporting local sites, farm shops and activities will also help your area’s tourism, too. You might just be surprised by the undiscovered gems right on your doorstep!

A family by their motorhome and campfire exploring their local area. Why a Touring Holiday is a Great Value for Money Option in 2023 by Webbs.

Research UK Locations

If you have the time or the budget to go further afield on your trip, there are some breath-taking touring routes and campsites around the UK. Many are reasonably priced and set up with great facilities for campers, motorhomes and caravans. Our favourite routes include the lochs and dramatic Highland scenery of the North Coast 500 in Scotland, and the so-called “Atlantic Highway” which takes you through the stunning coasts of Devon and Cornwall. No need to worry about finding your passport to have a real adventure!

North Coast 500, Scotland Route 500. Why a Touring Holiday is a Great Value for Money Option in 2023 by Webbs.

Get creative with your cooking

One of the biggest expenses on holiday can be meals out for the whole family, so home cooking at camp is a great way to make your budget go further. Whether you plan some romantic meals in the moonlight, take turns each night in a bigger group or get the BBQ going, it’s a lovely way to spend time with your family or friends. You could even meal prep before you go if you have a cool box or fridge.

At Webbs Outdoors we’re pleased to offer a fantastic range of cooking and food storage equipment for all weathers. If you fancy trying out your al-fresco culinary skills, take a look here.

A family cooking food by their vehicle. Why a Touring Holiday is a Great Value for Money Option in 2023 by Webbs.

Enjoy the great outdoors right from your temporary front door

Taxis or public transport costs can soon add up on holiday. But if you opt for a campsite near the beach, good walking and cycling routes, or a decent pub, then you can walk right from your front door to your chosen activity. This is particularly handy if you have small children and means you don’t need to consider moving your vehicle once you’re settled in for your stay. An easy way to save yourself money and get your step count up at the same time!

A couple enjoying a cup of tea by their motorhome with mountains in the background. Touring Routes to Explore in the UK by Webbs.

Be spontaneous

One of the biggest benefits of a motorhome or caravan holiday is the ability to be totally spontaneous. If you see a fantastic deal on a particular site or dates, or the weather forecast is looking incredible, chances are you can book at a reasonable rate last minute, or even simply turn up and still take advantage of wonderful campsites at the drop of a hat without paying a premium. If you’re able to travel mid-week then last-minute bargains are easy to come by, and you’ll have the added advantage of a quieter campsite to enjoy everything your last-minute getaway has to offer.

A family enjoying their campsite picnic. Why a Touring Holiday is a Great Value for Money Option in 2023 by Webbs.

So, if you’ve got the road trip travel bug and know this is on your bucket list in 2023, there’s no better way to do it than in your own motorhome or caravan – and there are plenty of ways to ensure it doesn’t break the bank so that you can enjoy every moment.

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