Why a UK Staycation is the Way to Go

Motorhomes in a field full of flowers with blue skies. Why a UK Staycation is the Way to Go by Webbs.


UK “staycations” are becoming more and more popular due to a number of reasons, and we’re here for it! If you’re also hoping to make the most of the British sun and spend some quality time closer to home, take a look at our top tips for staying safe as well as having an incredible time!


1. In Control of Being Clean

In your own caravan or motorhome, you can be sure the facilities you’re using, like your kitchen, toilet, or shower, are completely clean and not potentially contaminated by anyone outside of your household.


2. Save Money

Campsites and caravan parks tend to be cheaper than booking a hotel or B&B. You also save on pricey airplane tickets and other little fees that always seem to add up when travelling abroad. When travelling in the UK with your motorhome or caravan, you can cook your own meals and be your own transport to and from home.


3. There’s No Place Like Home

A ‘staycation’ gives you the chance to have exciting and fulfilling adventures close to home. You can explore your local area, or travel to a spot in the UK that you’ve never been to before. There are mountains, beaches, lakes and woodland for you and your family to make the most of.



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