Roller-Team is a leisure vehicle brand and manufacturer of European motorhomes. They manufacture modern, innovative and reliable motorhomes. Discover used Roller-Team motorhomes for sale at our Reading showrooms.

Roller-Team was founded in 2001 as a major brand within the Trigano Group, a well-known company that has been in the motorhome industry since 1984. Roller-Team’s European motorhomes are manufactured in the heart of Tuscany, and although some motorhome models are British built, they keep their essence and design innovation from their Italian designers.

Over the years, many Roller-Team models have received various accolades for the quality of Italian design and its top-class engineering. By using high-quality, robust materials they ensure their motorhomes are reliable and safe for an enjoyable adventure.

Delve into our selection of Roller-Team motorhomes for sale here at Webbs.

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