A Guide to Part Exchanging your Motorhome


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The demand for pre-loved motorhomes continues to be incredibly high. That’s why now is the ideal time to consider part-exchanging if you’re looking to upgrade, so that you can get the best possible price for your own vehicle.

Am I eligible to part exchange?

As a leading motorhome dealer in the UK, Webbs can offer you top prices for well-cared-for touring vehicles with a good service history. This includes any make of motorhome.

Not a motorhome owner yet? No problem! With Webbs, you can part exchange your car, motorcycle or even boat for the motorhome of your dreams.

A couple complete their part-exchange with Webbs. A Guide to Part-exchanging your Motorhome or Caravan by Webbs.

The Paperwork

Once you’ve made the decision to part exchange, ensure you have your log book and service history to hand, and check what other documentation might be required in the part exchange process, for example your photo ID or Driving Licence. Keeping entries in your User’s Handbook up to date is one of the ways to get the best price for your vehicle – it’s advisable to be honest about any damage or imperfections in the appraisal process.

Make any updates to your log book and paper work for part-exchange. A Guide to Part-exchanging your Motorhome or Caravan by Webbs.

Get your Vehicle Ready for Part Exchange

Be sure to thoroughly clean your vehicle inside and out ahead of the part exchange, so that it is in its best possible condition; there are lots of companies who can do this professionally if preferred. This includes emptying and cleaning the toilet if you have one, so that there are no additional fees incurred for cleaning.

Don’t forget to remove all your belongings such as clothing, crockery, games and toiletries, as well as any personal touches like pictures you may have added to your home away from home, so that it’s left as a ‘blank canvas’ for the new owners to enjoy.

Clean your vehicle before completing a part-exchange. A Guide to Part-exchanging your Motorhome or Caravan by Webbs.

Your Insurance

When you have found your new dream motorhome, don’t cancel the insurance policy on your current vehicle until the handover has taken place and you have the keys for your new vehicle. Once you make the switch, you’ll have the option to cancel or transfer your policy.

Keep your current vehicle's insurance in place until the part-exchange is complete. A Guide to Part-exchanging your Motorhome or Caravan by Webbs.

Remember Alarm Systems

If you have an alarm system, make sure you disable it or remove the code before you pass it over. That way, the dealer or eventual new owner can set this up themselves, and won’t be caught out if it goes off unexpectedly.

Disable your alarm system. A Guide to Part-exchanging your Motorhome or Caravan by Webbs.

Finances & Payment

Whether you want to pay by card, bank transfer or a payment plan, make sure your preferred method of payment is possible and agreed ahead of part exchanging. Cash payments can be more complicated, depending on the amount, due to money laundering regulations.

Webbs’ sales team are always on hand to discuss finance options, and a Black Horse Finance scheme could be an affordable and flexible option for funding your part exchange in a way that feels straightforward and convenient for you.

Two people shaking hands and completing a deal. A Guide to Part-exchanging your Motorhome or Caravan by Webbs.

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing vehicle, or are a first time motorhome buyer, if you’ve considered these factors when planning your vehicle part exchange, it should be a straightforward process that gets you on the road in no time!

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