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Motorhome accessories for sale. Essential Motorhome Accessories For Your Summer Holiday by Webbs.

What are the most essential motorhome accessories?


The UK staycation boom is in full swing. The motorhome lifestyle is freeing, adventurous and a perfect opportunity to explore the great outdoors and enjoy quality time with your family and friends. If you’re holidaying in your motorhome this summer, here are a few key camping accessories from some of our favourite brands:

Dometic - Awnings

For a living space or shelter from the rain, wind, or sun glare, a Dometic awning is the perfect solution. Dometic motorhome awnings are easy to pitch up and should only take a couple of minutes, making it a super easy process. No matter which motorhome you own, there is a Dometic awning to suit every requirement.

Dometic is a leading brand for motorhome awnings, with sales in approximately 100 countries.  Dometic awnings are made from the highest quality materials and are robust enough to withstand all weather conditions. Their award-winning awning designs and functionality have been labelled as innovative and reliable for numerous years.

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A motorhome awning in a grassy field.

Gaslow - Gas System

Gaslow is an award-winning brand for motorhome gas cylinders. They supply 3 top-quality cylinders which meet the R67 tank standards – they undergo ruthless tests such as bonfire tests to be depicted as the ‘safest and most reliable’ refillable cylinder range in Europe.

Available in 6kg or 11kg, Gaslow cylinders fit in all motorhomes, it does not need to be detached every time it needs to be filled up. All you need to do is take it to a supplier and fill it up as you would when filling up your car with petrol. Each cylinder lasts 3 months, giving you a good amount of time to enjoy your camping trip. Its 15-year warranty further illustrates Gaslow as an astounding brand with sturdy and safe products.

Milenco - Wheel Lock & Steering Wheel Lock

Milenco is the UK’s most-loved security accessory brand for motorhomes. Their products are sold across the UK, Europe, Australia, and Asia. With over 20 years of experience, Milenco is the largest supplier of wheel clamps and steering locks in Europe.

For the utmost protection and crime deterrence, Milenco’s security products are a must for your camping trip to keep your motorhome safe. Milenco’s steering locks fit up to 90% of steering wheels and are 2.5 times tougher than the Thatcham standard. Whereas the wheel lock was designed to exceed the Sold Secure Gold Automotive standard. These tough security ratings evoke just how top-of-the-range and sturdy Milenco’s products are.

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A VW Campervan wheel. Essential Motorhome Accessories For Your Summer Holiday by Webbs.

Truma - Gas Heater

Looking to use your motorhome all year round? A gas heater is a must to keep warm during your Winter adventures. UK weather can be unreliable and by having your very own motorhome combi heater, you’ll feel right at home on cold nights with your family or friends.

Truma products are distributed by a vast range of UK dealers and manufacturers. Truma has set industry standards by releasing their liquid gas heaters and combi heaters which are used to warm the motorhome living areas and heat the water up in the stainless-steel tank. In 1961, Truma created the “first officially recognized caravan heater,” since then they have moved onto motorhome heaters.



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