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How To Plan Your Perfect Motorhome Getaway


Now that restrictions are easing and borders are beginning to open up, we can’t wait to travel further afield to Europe and beyond with our motorhomes. We can completely understand that planning a road trip can be overwhelming, so if you are a new motorhome owner or a seasoned tourer, our handy tips can help you get organised for your next holiday. Whether you are looking for sun, sea, mountains or lakes, our road trip planning tips can be beneficial to all.

Location, Location, Location

With so many beautiful places to consider, it can be difficult to choose where to spend your holiday. First, decide whether you’d like to stay in the UK, travel to Europe or further afield. With travel outside of the UK, make sure to do extensive research on current travel restrictions and any insurance, visas, or vaccinations you might need. Find out more about travelling with a motorhome in Europe. 

Next, pick which time of the year you’d like to go. Do you prefer hot summers or calm Autumn months? Be sure to check when the school holidays fall if you want to avoid peak prices and make a note of any seasonal events that might take place in your destination of choice. The Lake District is home to stunning early sunsets in the Autumn, whereas Cornish beaches are a must-see in the summer. Make a list of all the attractions you wish to see while you are there and on the way to your destination. One of the advantages of holidaying in a motorhome is that the journey can be part of the adventure! Why not plan in some attractions during your rest stops, so you can pack even more fun into your break.

Planning a motorhome road trip using a map

Length Of Trip & Budgets

As with any holiday, the length of your trip will impact how much budget you will need. Most campsites will charge a daily fee so you can stay for as long as your budget will allow! Once you’ve decided on the location and duration of your getaway, it is also worth setting yourself a daily budget for food, drinks, and attractions, to avoid overspending while you’re away. Check out what sort of shops and restaurants will be nearby or on route, to help plan your meals without breaking the bank.


road trip adventures in second hand motorhomes

Daily Itinerary With Your Motorhome

There are so many great places to see that your daily itinerary can fill up quickly. Google is a great place to start, there are thousands of articles for every country and city with activities to do, sights to see and even how to get to each place. The best way to plan a daily itinerary is by deciding on how many places you want to see, how far apart they are and how many rest stops you will be taking.

If you are planning on staying in the UK, cities such as Edinburgh, Cardiff, Birmingham, and Nottingham each have their own famous must-see attractions. The UK is home to stunning beaches, seaside towns, rolling countryside and picturesque landscapes. Cornish and Welsh beaches are beautiful all year round, even in Autumn where you can witness unforgettable sunsets. Catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights in Scotland, enjoy Christmas in Bath, or experience the traditional British streets of Castle Combe.

To plan your route, we recommend using Google Maps or Waze (for live traffic updates). For the best motorhome routes in the UK, read here. 

Scottish towns

Packing Your Camping Essentials

To make sure you don’t forget anything important, always make a to-do list and keep track of your packing as you go. Our essentials list consists of food (including your favourite holiday snacks, we love munching on a bag of crisps), duvets or sleeping bags suitable for the time of year, raincoats and walking boots, chargers, daily cleaning products, your motorhome security lock, and any home comforts that you just can’t live without! Pack for the activities you are planning to do and for all types of weather as you can never be sure if there’s sunshine or rain in store for the UK. Our last bit of advice is always to have your camera ready to capture the beautiful scenery and all the memories you’ll be making on your trip.

Camping outdoors

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