Winterisation – Is Your Motorhome Winter Ready!

How do I prepare my motorhome for Winter?


Unless you’re a dedicated and hardy year-round tourer, it’s likely that the time has come to be thinking about putting your motorhome into hibernation in preparation for Winter’s cold snap!

To help you care for your vehicle during the winter months and to ensure everything stays in tip-top condition, our Webbs’ Reading Service Manager Danny Woodward shares his expertise and outlines the key areas to tick off in order to ensure your vehicle is set for Winter and will be ready for action in Spring!


1.     Water System

Even the tiniest bit of water left in the system can freeze and split the pipework, resulting in damage that is painfully expensive to repair. It’s therefore imperative that you thoroughly drain down your water system before you store your vehicle for winter. Ensure that taps are left in the open position to let air circulate, lift all drain valves, and remove your shower hose if possible too. It’s also a good idea to remove any in-line water filters, as they’re equally susceptible to freezing.

2.     Interior

Give the interior of your motorhome a thorough clean, and aim to create the best possible circulation of air to stop damp, mildew and condensation from taking hold. Leave cupboard and wardrobe doors open, and leave fixed beds in the upright position. Seat cushions and upholstery are best pulled away from walls, or better still, removed altogether and stored somewhere warm and dry.

3.     Windows

Although they should be kept shut for security purposes, opening windows and rooflights from time to time can be useful, as it allows some fresh air to flow through the interior.

4.     Kitchen

Make sure no food is inadvertently left in the kitchen – or anywhere else for that matter! It’s essential to leave the fridge door ajar too, to keep it mould and odour free.

5.     Batteries

Cold weather is not good news for batteries, so it’s good practice to start your vehicle periodically throughout the winter to prevent the battery from going flat. If possible, remove the leisure battery and put it on a trickle charge once a month to keep it ticking over.

6.    Heating

If you have the facility to hook up your mains lead, popping the heating on low for the odd day here and there can help keep damp and condensation in check. Make sure you unplug the mains lead once you’re finished though.

7.     Bodywork

The exterior of your motorhome will really benefit from a thorough once-over, paying particular attention to removing any mould which, left unchecked, could cause permanent discolouring. This is a good opportunity to inspect your vehicle’s bodywork for damage, and to apply a coating of winter wax to stop algae and dirt from sticking. Once spring arrives, simply wash off the wax and your exterior will look clean and shiny.


Following these few simple but key steps can make all the difference to the condition of your vehicle and will ensure that, come Spring 2024, you’re ready to hit the open road once again!


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