New Year Checks to Ensure your Motorhome Stays in Top Condition

A motorhome parked by a body of water by a range of mountains. New Year Checks to Ensure your Motorhome Stays in Top Condition by Webbs.

What checks do motorhomes need?


As we start the new year, your motorhome may not have been used in a little while. To keep your vehicle in top condition for that much anticipated staycation, take a look at some of the most important things to tick off your list.


Staying Dry

Check for signs of damp from potential leaks around windows and doors and ensure that water seals are in good condition. You can test this by soaking the exterior of your motorhome with a hose or watering can and checking inside for any watermarks. This is especially important not only to stop suitcases from getting soggy whenever it rains but also to prevent mould and structural damage.


Power Flush

If your motorhome has been stood still for a while, it is important to thoroughly flush the water system to get rid of any old water. It is essential to locate any internal tanks and give them an extensive clean with a suitable cleaning solution or sanitiser so you have clean, fresh water for your trip.


Appliance Care

If you have any gas-operated appliances, be sure to check that every part of the system is in top condition and shows no signs of wear. Some insects and pests such as mice can cause damage which may potentially be very dangerous. You should also take a look at any electrical appliances and wiring to make sure they are functioning properly and efficiently.


What does a motorhome service include?

As with any vehicle, your motorhome requires regular servicing in the same way that your car does. This includes checking the battery isn’t flat, topping up oil and coolant levels, and inspecting the tyre tread depth and pressure. You can do some of these simple checks yourself, however, we recommend booking in with a service centre that specialises in motorhomes for complete peace of mind.


Clean & Tidy:

Dedicate some time to cleaning superficial dirt, mess, and unnecessary clutter from your living space. If left, this can cause damage and deterioration to your motorhome. This will also mean that your vehicle is ready to go the next time you’re packing to go travelling and can help you identify what you may need to stock up on and replace.


By keeping your motorhome in a good condition all year round, you can prevent small issues from becoming big, expensive problems. This means the next time you are planning on heading out on an adventure, you can do so quickly and with confidence that your motorhome is performing at 100%.


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