Summer Survival Tips in Your Caravan or Motorhome



How do I keep my motorhome cool in the summer?


Although it may not happen that often, when we get hot summers in the UK and the temperatures rise to the highest ever seen in the UK, we certainly feel the heat! The hot weather may already be making life tricky and you might be wondering how to manage on your home on wheels this summer. While sunny skies and dry days are a joy for most camping trips, it’s important to make sure that you’re safe and comfortable on your holidays, and some simple steps can make keeping cool on the road a breeze.

Choose your parking spot carefully!

Parking in a sunny spot might be a sensible choice in the colder months, but when the temperatures rise it could quickly turn your motorhome into an uncomfortable environment. When you reach your destination, be on the lookout for shady coverage from trees, or choose to park up in more secluded or wooded areas rather than open campsites. You can even take a look on Google Maps to get an idea of how much shade is available at your destination so you can be ready to secure a prime position!

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Use your windows wisely

Utilising your windows will help in the effort to keep your trip away as cool as possible during any spells of hot weather. When it’s cooler outside, maintain the air flow throughout your motorhome by opening your windows so that the hot air can escape. However, having your windows open at the hottest part of the day might make it feel warmer in the vehicle, so keep them closed with the curtains drawn if you can.

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Invest in a coolbox

In the hot weather, keeping items of food or drink cool is a task in itself, especially if your trip is more than a few days. A coolbox is a great way of ensuring you have a cool beverage to hand when needed, as well as keeping your perishable items safe. To maximise space, many campers choose to take along a cool box to supplement their fridge, which can be kept outside in an awning. As many motorhomes have an exterior mains point fitted as standard, mains powered cool boxes can be plugged in easily – the perfect solution for doubling your cooling power!

If you’re looking to invest in a new cool box for your upcoming trips, make sure to visit Webbs Outdoors to explore our fantastic range of both standard and electric cool box solutions from leading brands.

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Consider air conditioning

Another solution to keeping cool this summer would be to consider investing in an air conditioning unit. If you’re someone that struggles to get comfortable in the heat, but loves a summer road trip, it may be in your best interest to invest in something more long term. You can get air conditioning installed into your vehicle, or there are even portable options to choose from. Not ready to splash out? Even traditional fans can make the world of difference to a stuffy motorhome, and are an affordable addition to consider making warm summer nights more bearable.

A man installing air conditioning into a caravan roof. Summer survival tips in your caravan or motorhome by Webbs.

Plan ahead

Giving your camping trip some planning and thought well ahead of schedule will ensure no time is wasted while you’re away. Different seasons bring their own situations to prepare for, and while the summer is always unpredictable in the UK, you can avoid an uncomfortable trip by arming your motorhome with everything you might need if a heatwave strikes. So check the forecast, pack plenty of hydrating cold drinks and plan your route in advance – no one wants to start their holiday getting lost or stuck in traffic, especially when the temperatures are high!

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With a little forward-planning and investment in some key accessories, your summer camping holiday can go ahead with a hitch. Whether you have a top of the range motorhome equipped with a fridge and air-conditioning, or a faithful older motorhome that needs a few simple tweaks, don’t let the heat stop your adventures this summer.

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