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Touring With Your Motorhome This Winter

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To all you brave souls who have decided to take your motorhome or caravan out on the road during these chilly months, take a look at these top tips for smart and safe touring this February.


Planning Makes Perfect

Our first tip is to plan your trip carefully. Check the weather forecast regularly before you head off to ensure it is safe and sensible for you to continue with your trip. Know your routes and try to avoid roads that are unlikely to be gritted. Also, make sure you are aware of any out-of-season closures or reduced opening hours for your favourite summer destinations.


Driving Miss Frosty

We’ve all heard these before but keep those icy road driving tips in mind if you’re driving in frozen conditions. Higher gears can help prevent too much wheelspin, and make sure that you at least double (ideally triple or quadruple) your stopping distance. Keep your speed down to prevent skidding, but make sure you maintain some momentum, if it is safe to do so, for getting up steeper inclines.


Healthy and Happy

Sort out a full vehicle health check for your motorhome or caravan before setting off in less-than-ideal conditions. Consider switching to some winter tyres, and make sure you have topped up your antifreeze, oil, coolant, and fuel levels. We’d also recommend using Propane instead of Butane as it tends to work better in colder temperatures. If it’s coming up to that time, it may also be worth booking a service with us to make sure your vehicle is in top condition for dealing with chill weather.



Winter Essentials

Stock up on all the essential emergency supplies that you might need if you end up stranded in the snow. Keep a stash of snacks, bottled water, extra warm clothes and blankets just in case you end up stuck without any power. Consider picking up a wind-up torch that doesn’t rely on batteries (because we all know batteries stop working when we need them the most). How about checking out our accessories shop for more motorhome and caravan essentials.


With proper preparation and care, there’s no reason why you can’t carry on enjoying your motorhome or caravan throughout the whole year!


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